Cod Liver Oil Benefits
Discover the health cod liver oil benefits, such as curing arthritis, lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease

Cod Liver Oil for medical purposes began producing Norwegian chemist Peter Moeller of more than 150 years ago. In Norway, he became a familiar addition to nutrition, improve health. Gradually, the experience of using fish oil and a positive recommendation for its use spread to neighboring countries.

Cod Liver Oil benefits Cod Liver Oil benefits Raw material for fish oil is cod liver, fish, subcutaneous fat of seals and whales coverslip fat. Depending on the quality of fat is divided into medical, potable, industrial and veterinary. The greatest value is the medical and veterinary. Cod liver oil refers to the regulators vitamin-calcium-phosphorus metabolism. Purified for domestic use fish oil derived from the liver of cod fish: Atlantic cod, Baltic cod, haddock, whiting northern roundnose grenadier. At 1 gram of the resulting transparent oily liquid light yellow color with light specific, rancidity aroma and taste contain from 350 to 1000 IU of retinol (vitamin A). Available as vitamins fish oil, enriched with vitamins A and D. Vitamin A in 1 g of the cod liver oil contains 1000 IU and Vitamin D - 100 IU. Once you get the Omega-3, the risk of heart problems at once reduced.

Cod liver oil benefits

It was established that fish oil increases the content in the body of serotonin - a hormone good mood (helps combat depression), reduced aggressiveness, inhibits release of stress hormones, causing a spasm of blood vessels feeding the heart muscle and slows down the process of changing the brain.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Cod Liver Oil benefits include - reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, also help reduce symptoms of hypertension, depression, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, joint pain and other rheumatoid problems, and certain skin diseases. Some studies have even shown that omega-3 fatty acids and cod liver oil can stimulate the immune system and protect us from a number of diseases, including Alzheimer's disease.

As omega-3 fatty acids are able to do so many miracles to human health? One way cod Liver oil benefits / omega-3, according to experts, is to encourage the development of the body chemicals that help control inflammation in the joints, blood and tissues.